Quick Stats of Where We’re At

Just a short blog today to do a status check.

Here’s some recent updates:

  • My pap smear came back clear – I’m still in remission for endometrial cancer. Hurray!
  • My macular degeneration test came back clear. No diabetic damage to my eyes. Hurray!
  • My pre-op testing is done. It took 2 sticks to get all the blood they needed, and a list of which meds to stop when prior to the surgery. I’m a little concerned for potential side effects (like more lethargy for a week), but at least I know.

What’s still coming up:

  • Mammogram the Saturday before surgery. We are just trying to knock everything possible off the checklist so we don’t get any more surprises if we can avoid them.
  • Test results back from the urine and blood samples they took at pre-op. There is a chance that I might have a new infection, which hopefully won’t delay surgery, but might mean an antibiotic.
  • Packing and traveling to Duke for the big day. This includes 2 antibiotic showers (the night before and morning of) and taking a special “drink” an hour before arriving at the hospital to stabilize my blood sugars and keep me from crashing.

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    • The mammogram is at Charlotte Radiology – right near my house. The plan is to drive up on Sunday afternoon and spend the night at my uncle’s house and then head to the surgery from there.