Post-Op Follow Up

Here we are, 10 days later, and I again find myself in my uncle's recliner waiting to go back to Duke in the morning. The surgery is over and after only 3 nights in the hospital, I was sent home. There is so much to discuss about the days following the surgery, but it's still all a bit … Continue reading

The Big Day

So here we are, surgery day. I'm hanging out in my uncle's recliner, waiting for my 4 am alarm to sound. Sleep has been non-existent. I tried to fight the awake, but finally just grabbed my phone and resigned myself to a night of eyes wide open. My mom is sleeping on the couch beside me, SH is … Continue reading

To pee or not to pee

My kidney infection was confirmed on Sunday. I suspected it last Thursday when I saw how cloudy my urine sample was for the pre-op testing, and then on Saturday when I felt the pain starting in my side, but it took a few days for the culture to develop and the results to be documented. The … Continue reading

Today will not defeat me!

It's been one of those days. Wide awake 90 minutes before my alarm is set to ring, so I get up and shower and try not to get sick. New antibiotics and stress, gotta love them. An hour early to the office, trying to knock things off the list. Things go pretty well until I get the blue … Continue reading

Quick Stats of Where We’re At

Just a short blog today to do a status check. Here's some recent updates: My pap smear came back clear - I'm still in remission for endometrial cancer. Hurray! My macular degeneration test came back clear. No diabetic damage to my eyes. Hurray! My pre-op testing is done. It took 2 … Continue reading