One of my favorite movies is Auntie Mame.  Not the Lucille Ball musical – but the Rosalind Russell gem.  And there is a scene where she meets the future in-laws at their place and is continually having to deal with their lack of couth and charm. 

Today I feel a bit like her as I politely responded to the news that my former boyfriend was officially announcing his new relationship.  He then shared that he had received the thumbs up from her friends, and that they were meeting each other’s moms. 

He politely asked if I had any prospects, and I responded, “Nope.” He offered his condolences and told me that it would happen.  I finally had to explain that I didn’t want to go down that path of conversation with him at that moment.

Whatever his reasons for sharing – I didn’t need to know. I sat still at my desk, fighting back tears.  It doesn’t matter that our break up was for the best.  I still didn’t need to be reminded that he had someone and I was back alone to start over.

My friend came to take me to lunch, and as I told her what had happened, she wanted to jump in her car and drive over and slash his tires. Although it was not anything I would ever do – I was so thankful to have someone so eager to defend me.  It made me feel a lot less alone.

Because it’s not just me – and everything is surviveable.  This is so not an uncommon thing and I’ll be fine.  We will overcome!