So it’s been almost 5 years since I was really doing any kind of online dating.  It was weird logging back in and re-activating some old profiles as well as creating some new ones.  And my, some things have changed!  Now there are “apps” and all sorts of other things to learn and navigate.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for the results of my urinalysis, and was scrolling through a new dating site and app that I had signed up for rather than worry about what was next with my kidneys. As I scrolled through my list of matches, I would occasionally stop and email someone just to say hi and ask them a few questions from their profile. 

Ping!  You have a new message.

I clicked on “View” and read:  Don’t You Recognize Me?

Aww crap.  I did.  It was a guy I had broken up with after a month because he was obviously not ready for a real relationship. Later, I found out that he next dated my new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.  And he had broken up with her for the same reason.

So yeah – that was awkard.