When someone messages you on a dating site after 11 PM at night – they are generally up to no good. And last night, someone I had initially contacted back a few weeks ago finally messaged me back. 

We chatted back and forth – and things had more of a naughty tone, which seems to be pretty standard.  Once someone gets to the naughty so quickly, I tend to write them off in my book. They obviously are just looking for the easy thrill – and we can all indulge sometimes.  But I’m not going to give you too much information about me at that point, because I recognize that you are not really looking for a relationship.

So we had a rather frank discussion about sex: turn ons, turn offs, things that weren’t open to discussion.  When it was noted that I was not open to random sex with strangers, I was told that I needed to learn to be more spontaneous, and that he was going to help me with that.

Umm, no.

There was a time when being told that I need to be more spontaneous would intimidate me and bully me in to thinking there was something wrong with me, that I needed to prove that I was adventurous.  Fortunately, I don’t need to prove myself to random strangers any more.

I laughed politely at his comment – told him I needed to go – and then shut my netbook and rolled over and fell fast asleep.  Spontaneously.