One of the challenges of online dating is knowing when to share things and when to wait.  For example, when do you tell someone that you are talking to more than one person?  It should be a given – we are all looking and no one should have all their eggs in one basket.  But until you actually say it, there’s always that fantasy that you might be the only one.

I’d been talking to someone for several weeks – we’d even skyped (used webcam/mic to talk) quite a lot.  He lives in Columbia, SC (about 2 hours from here).  Neither one of us really had any intention of moving to be closer to the other. We both knew it wasn’t a relationship set in the stars. I found him extremely fun to type and text with, and enjoyed our late night pillow talk (not the same as cybering – I mean just regular chatting with some heavy flirting thrown in.)

We had made plans to get together.  The first time I had to cancel.  The second time he did.  The third time was to be this upcoming weekend.  Last night he admitted that he’d been on several dates with someone and it was going really well and that he didn’t think we should get together after all because he didn’t want to wreck this good thing he had going on.

Truth be told, I was extremely happy that he had found someone local. I was just surprised that he hadn’t told me before.  Then again, I didn’t really tell him in great detail about my friend who keeps visiting and spending the night.

I don’t know what the answer is – but I still find it interesting.