So, as you may have noticed, I’m relaunching the website. Part of this is because many of the things that I used to write about just aren’t part of my day-to-day life. They say that writing is cathartic, and indeed it is. Without my friends and my various outlets, I know that I wouldn’t be at the good place in my life that I find myself now.

The beginning of this year was just a crazy blur. I changed jobs, got engaged, then Shorty Hulk got a new job, then we moved, and there were changes in so many things. There was a flood and fury of emotions and anxiety and concerns and excitement and just . . . things.

But all that has passed and now we are on a new phase of our journey. Our new home is great, and we’ve been decorating it with gusto. The home is definitely “ours” – not “his” or “mine.” We’ve had fun filming little videos and photos of our latest finds. Shorty Hulk is great at giving tours to our guests – he’s even invited in the pizza delivery guys and random neighbors! 🙂

The changes, although not without stress, have been very cathartic. The move has allowed us to switch gears and make changes. I’ve found myself letting go of situations and relationships that just weren’t worth the effort anymore. I’ve taken the time to embrace those who accept me as I am, not who they think I should be. The other day we had over a group of friends and we were sitting at the table playing a game and I looked around the room as everyone at the table was laughing and smiling and just having a good time – and I thought, “this – this is what I want.”

Along with the release has been renewal. I’m cooking more, I’m making changes to some of my bad habits, I’m trying to start some new ones. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be. But I’m happy about a lot of the things that have happened in the last several months, and I’m very excited about the things to come.