So I had my first “first date” last night.  We met for coffee (although technically I had hot cider) and it lasted about 90 minutes.

I spent most of the time listening to him talk about how crazy his ex-wife is and how much her new husband hates him but all her friends and family love him.  A lot of stories were about him winning, which makes me think that he’s trying to convince himself of that.

He took my hands several times – found ways to touch my arms – but it just didn’t send any tingles up and down them.  I tried not to pull away too fast and hurt his feelings, but I did find it rather forward for just a coffee date.

It wasn’t miserable.  I laughed several times, got to talk once or twice, and had a great cup of hot cider.

At the end of the date, he told me he wanted to see me again.  The way he said it made it feel like I had passed some kind of test.  He then hugged me and kissed me several times on the lips.  I didn’t really want to be kissed, and pulled back several times – trying to joke about first dates and steak dinners and no french kissing. 

He emailed me again last night to repeat that he wanted to see me again.  Fortunately, I already know I’ll be busy for the next few days.  And after that, we’ll see if I’m just being too critical or if my gut instincts that we are not a match still rings true.