So today has been . . .interesting.

I spent most of Saturday being a sloth, and playing lots and lots of Rift.  How much is lots?  I went up 5 levels on my Eth Warrior.  (If you don’t understand that, I’m sorry – let’s just say, it was a whole lot)

I tried to get my phone repaired – they said that I would have to wait until December 1st or pay an upgrade fee.  It was hissing and clicking at me, and I can’t really talk on it – but I’m surviving amazingly well given the circumstances.  Having wifi and 2 computers help – plus its been a good reason just to ignore the world a little bit.

Sunday, a good friend came over to do Christmas decorations.  Lots and lots of Christmas shopping of said decorations and several hours of me making bows and prepping ornaments while the Small but Mighty One transformed my house from everyday to Christmas Lodge.  Rather amazing.

Today, where I was previously feeling alone, I suddenly find myself with a date on Thursday, and lots of group activities throughout the week.  Of course, I’m still broke and sick – but things are looking up.

I was emailing with a friend of mine who has also hit a hurricane of health issues far greater than mine..  I told her my theory:  that last week was kind of like an accelerated recovery course – all the crises that you have to go through to move forward to be prepared for a new relationship.  I had to remember how to be more self-reliant again – to reach out to new friends and establish new, healthier patterns apart from the dependency one has after an extended relationship.

So far – I’m doing okay.  And it’s only getting better.