I’ve been playing this game of solitaire on my iPad mini. Sad to think that after a $300 purchase, this is what I use it for the most. However, I have noticed something.

Being a computer game, there are certain times when it will tell you that there are “no more moves”. Simply put, the computer has looked at the remaining cards left and is telling you to give up, there is just no chance you are going to win. The problem is, this isn’t always the case. In fact, quite often I have found that when the computer tells me there are no more moves, with a few simple rearrangements of the cards, I can actually win the game.

Now sometimes, the computer is right. There are no more moves that I can make and still win the game. So it’s not that the computer is actually broken, it’s just that sometimes the computer doesn’t realize that there are moves that it wouldn’t necessarily make, but a human can. It’s like a Spock and Kirk moment. What may seem illogical does not mean it is impossible.

I get a certain, Don Quixote stubborn satisfaction when I can overcome the computer’s prophecy of doom. Surprisingly, I don’t take it personally if it’s correct. I just move on and try again.

I hope that when I am struggling through my next challenge, and the voice of authority tells me I’m out of moves that I remember what my solitaire games taught me. Goodness knows I’ve played enough times, it would be nice to prove that it is educational!