Last week I had to go to the doctor because I was having pains in my side.  After a few tests, I was diagnosed with a slight kidney infection.  I also found out that my blood pressure meds were no longer working and that I needed to add a few more prescriptions to my daily repetoire.

I’ve been definitely feeling better, but the additional expenses made me very budget-conscious.  So naturally, when my car died last night and I realized I never renewed my AAA (why bother, the former boyfriend had it) – my heart sank.

My knee-jerk reaction would be to reach out to the ex and ask for help.  I know he would have offered it.  But that wouldn’t have been healthy.  So instead, I counted on the help of my friends and my own wits, and have sussed out the situation myself.

It may seem like a natural thing to others – but to me, this was a big step. 

In the meantime, several of my friends are also taking ill.  It’s not just pouring here now – it’s a hurricane.

But in reality, how much rain can pour on you before you are just soaked and that’s it?  If you can survive a little rain or a lot of rain, it just all becomes the same and you just push on, looking for a place to get warm and dry.