I think one of the things I wondered about since my breakup was what it would be like to be with another man.  To be honest, with so many online encounters focusing right in on sex, I remember back to dates like Fish Lips and Bra Boy, and I shudder.

This weekend won’t become one of those memories.  Instead, I was able to welcome back to my life, and my arms, an old friend.  I am so grateful for that.

He was someone I had dated about 5 years ago. We both knew this wasn’t going to be the right relationship.  Fortunately, a great companionship developed – something more than friendship – a mutual comfort level with the exchanging of conversations and caresses.  This weekend he brought that back to me.

My companion is great for my self esteem.  He tells me how sexy I am to him, he admires both my body and my sensuality.  He tells me all this without being overly cheesy – but also without any prompting.  It’s a refreshing combination.  I can believe what he says because he brings it out in me. I treasure that about him.

There are so many First Afters you have to deal with when a relationship ends.  The First time you visit a restaurant After going as a couple, the First time hanging out with friends After, the First time you kiss another man After, the First time you invite someone in to your bed After. It can be draining.

I’m not the bill of goods I once was:  more gray hairs, more weight, more chips and dings,fewer days left on the warranty.  It’s easy to put yourself down if you let it happen.  You feel more vulnerable putting yourself back on the selling block.  You realize you may be no longer Mint in Box.

This weekend I didn’t have to feel that way.  He helped me so much. I hold my head a little higher and stand a little straighter.  I remembered that I’m a good catch.  It’s nothing I didn’t have within me before, but like the Wizard of Oz, he reminded me it was there.

Thanks, old friend, for letting me come in from the rain.