Ron is a real person.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Welcome to Ronday.

Ron and my sister came to visit at my Dad & Stepmum’s house. My husband and I joined them for dinner.

As we made small talk around the table, my stepmum asked me how my job hunt was going. (The company I had been working for had been bought out and was being merged so downsizing at our location was inevitable, so I was being proactive since Marketing Manager positions were sometimes challenging to find.)

Ron, of course, had the perfect solution. He had a friend who was doing something with computers that paid big bucks. He was not sure what it was but he knew it was easy and anyone could do it.

My sister sat beside him, unemployed (his manager had deemed it best for them to no longer work together – y’know, the tongue twister and hand holding being a bit much for people about to eat lunch). I suggested that maybe he might see about getting her a job with his friend. Or even himself.

He quickly shook his head. “Naw, I want to stay in management. Y’know, I’m practically acting assistant manager now, and if my boss decides to put my paperwork through – I’ll be making almost $10 an hour!”