It was just a drawer.

But he offered it to me with such openness and excitement that I got overwhelmed. Never before had I been offered space in someone else’s haven. I had asked for it several times – and been first offered a corner here or there to stash some stuff, and eventually been incorporated in to someone’s life.

Now, I was being offered a drawer – a top drawer – where I could leave things behind so that when I came back again, there it would be – ready and waiting for me.

We stopped by the store on the way back from dinner – and I picked up a few things like toothpaste and deodorant and we came back and I put them in my drawer. I’ll admit I was so giddy that I accidentally bought conditioner instead of shampoo, but all in all – it was a quiet little moment of special.

This is just such an amazing relationship, “I told a friend. “It is just so effortless.”

I recognize that not everything will always be like this. But to have an opportunity to move together at a similar pace, not having one partner or the other in the relationship be at different stages and waiting and wondering if the other will catch up – that’s something so profoundly cosmic, and somehow so rare.

“I opened up the top drawer and saw your things in there and it just made me happy,” he told me the next morning.

It makes me happy too.